Herm is the god of sneaking about and knowledge, probably. Worshipping him can grant you tons of scrolls.

Worshipping HermEdit

To worship Herm, you must not be worshipping any other god, and you must sacrifice a power in the Temple of Herm.

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Favour EffectsEdit

  • At 1 favour: Herm gives you two random scrolls.
  • At 3 favour: Herm gives you two more random scrolls, and a +1 to hiding.
  • At 6 favour: Herm gives you two additional random scrolls, a magic spade, a Morphean grenade and another +1 to hiding for a total of +2.
  • At 9 favour: Herm gives you three last random scrolls, the caduceus, and a final +1 to hiding for a maximum of +3.


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