Nomos is the god of order and law, probably. Worshipping him can grant you advantages in combat, but on his terms.

Worshipping NomosEdit

To worship Nomos, you must not be worshipping any other god, and you must sacrifice a power in the Temple of Nomos.

Nomos occasionally requests that you defile the statue of another god (penalty for defiance unknown) as well as asking you not to attack for certain turns in combat.

Favour EffectsEdit

  • At 1 favour: Nomos grants you a gown of the red court, and protection against the next successful attack against you.
  • At 3 favour: tbd
  • At 6 favour: tbd
  • At 9 favour: tbd

The LawEdit

Occasionally while in combat, deep voice inside your head directs you to attack in a given number of turns.




Orderly strategy goes here

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