Level 4
Health 30
Attack 4
Defence 11
Body  ?
Mind  ?
Spirit  ?
Size huge
Note that these statistics depend on the difficulty level
The overmind is a level 4 rogue who can grant bonuses to other rogues. It grants the power of the overmind.




The overmind attacks by launching a small nail. It deals DAMAGE. It defends itself by disrupting your concentration with a pinball.


Please add more details about Overmind buffs to enemies once you figure them out.

Calling Edit

Instead of attacking or concentrating, the overmind may generate an image of a still-living rogue in the dungeon, which will then move one room towards the room containing the overmind.

Metal SphereEdit

As a reaction, the overmind will launch a tiny sphere of metal, forcing a body check against a target of 12. On a failure, your concentration is broken and the attack proceeds. On a success, your concentration remains intact and the attack still proceeds.


  • Since the overmind is not exactly fearsome in direct combat as Level 4 enemies go, and prefers to concentrate to the maximum before attacking if it attacks at all, it may be a good candidate for attacking early with a relatively weak setup, especially if you can isolate it from reinforcements (eg. with a Rod of the Master Builder) or simply by killing it very rapidly.

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